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RCM Workflow Automation

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Revenue Maximization & Manpower Cost Reduction Solution powered by AIGen and NLP

Our flagship product, Discovery® reads essential clinical insights from the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), including Clinical Notes, Age, Gender, Insurance Details, Vitals, and other critical data to help physicians and Medical Coders avoid errors leading to Claim Denial and Revenue Leakage! 

Discovery lowers denial by no less than 50% and reduces costs by 65%+ with an optional human-in-the-loop review.

Workflow Automation and Optimization

Revolutionize your clinical documentation process with Power Doc, our AI and NLP-powered automated Clinical Document Optimizer. Our cutting-edge technology uses custom NLP algorithms to analyze and enhance your clinical documentation, and can read PDFs, direct inputs, and even OCR/pictures.


Auto-coding and more

Unleash the power of AI with Analytika - the ultimate healthcare RCM analytics solution that transforms your operations with predictive analytics and performance analysis. Experience the future of healthcare decision-making with Analytika's 360-degree view of your RCM process

Decision Intelligence and Interactive Dashboards for Healthcare and Beyond. 


The Next Big Thing: Frictionless Implementation

Unlock seamless integration with OCTOPUS, our groundbreaking technology that eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly integrations with our cutting-edge ZERO-CODE COMMUNICATION solution. 

Discovery DRG Model

​Avoid Over Utilization

  • Provide Minimum Set of Investigations as suggestions based on the selected DRG

  • These Investigations should be clinically enough to rule out the Diagnosis

  • Alerts clinicians of amount utilization

Denial Reduction

  • Validate if the Procedure is justified by the appropriate Diagnosis. If not, provide solution

  • Validate if the selected DRG justifies placed activities. If not, provide solution

  • Validate the administrative & billing errors

Block Revenue Leakage

  • Discovery, Auto-Reads the Clinical notes and the activity line items

  • Based on that, Discovery provides the suggestions for additional codes like Outlier payments & Add-on Payments etc…

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Protecting and Securing Your Revenue

We Connect to Your Ecosystem without Integration!

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OCTOPUS flawlessly communicates with any third-party software in the market, providing a safe and secure connection that is fully HIPAA compliant with end-to-end encryption.

With OCTOPUS, you'll experience lightning-fast and streamlined workflows, allowing you to break free from the limitations & cost of traditional integration methods.


Revolutionize your operations and take your business to new heights with OCTOPUS.

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